Notification Resender. Part 1

Notification Resender - allows Zeroner to resend notifications from all apps

Hi guys

You all know, that these fit bracelets became very popular. You can buy one from Samsung or another big brand, but also you can order one from China for a few bucks 🙂 So, i also got one – IWown I5+. This one:


Iwown I5+ Iwown I5 Plus

IWown I5+ IWown I5 Plus

It has many nice features (the biggest plus – doesn’t need a cable for charge (you can see on second picture)).

Generally, I wanted this for notifications that I can receive when I’m busy and don’t wanna take phone out of pocket. And manufacturer  promised me that.

But, in reality it was really sad. Zeroner, application that should be used for syncing with bracelet, doesn’t allow to use any application to be set as ‘SMS application’ (oh my God..) that can resend notifications to bracelet. Generally it allows to set your sms app, android main process (the good one for use, but sends all the stuff that happening on the phone), some other apps that can read sms.

First, I tried a bundle of Tasker + AutoNotification plugin + Pushbullet. Yeah it worked. But this bundle used a lot of memory and battery.

Also there is unofficial app for this bracelet – IWown for Geek (, but it didn’t work on my phone (don’t know why). But it helped me in future 😉

So, I thought that I need my own app, that can resend notifications, that I need, to my bracelet.

So, I started to code.

Firstly, you need to install Android Studio (free) – After installing lets create a new project

New Android Project

Then, select phone and tablets – API version 18 – Android 4.3 (Zeroner doesn’t support earlier Androids)

Create Android project

And create Basic activity.

Fine! Our project is created 🙂

We will continue in the next part 🙂

P.S. #1 All source code you can find in my GitHub –

P.S. #2 You can also download app for your bracelet there –

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